Google Maps Ads support for Prishtina Buses

A couple of weeks ago, Google released the most exciting Google Maps feature ever to more Android and iPhone devices that support augmented reality (AR) features., which is basically virtual directions right in your phone’s camera.

But while Google has all these exciting features rolled-out for global users, people who use public transportation in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, had to rely either on the local app called Prishtina Buses or the classical style of asking people for directions when navigating around the city, since there is no map or digital tracking signage at the bus stops!

Luckily Google seems to have released a silent update which includes the route guidance for Prishtina, as well as estimations for the duration of traveling, price, and change of lanes. What is a bit funny, is that sometimes walking si shorter than taking the bus, which is actually true, since the city is small and tends to get quite some messy traffic-jams in the morning or by end of working days.

Nevertheless, it’s a simple yet useful feature that provides information on how to move around for people who visit Prishtina from abroad.

Google provides this service through the Base Map Partner Program to share the road network and street addresses with them, while for more details you can always check out the link here.

Google Maps has some other features supported for Prishtina, including the traffic conditions, 3D Mapping of the city which is one of the few in the region, etc.