HALO Trust using Google Maps for mine clearing in Kosovo

Google has amazing products in different areas, like Google Maps or Google Earth, which are used differently by many people across the world. Today the official Google blog has posted a guest entry from HALO Trust director Guy Willoughby that provides an update on the project’s progress and shines the spotlight on Kosovo.

The Halo Trust, based in the United Kingdom is using Google Earth Pro to help deploy its mine clearing teams effectively, as well as to help build maps of areas that remain to be cleared based on information provided by the local population and governments.

Willoughby credits the Google tool’s ease-of-use and lack of required technical expertise as a key part of its appeal. Plus, the Maps can be used not only by their teams, but also very easily by people on the ground to keep their families safe. Willoughby concentrated on Kosovo, a country which he says in the blog post will eventually be able to be declared mine-free thanks specifically to the use of Google’s tools.

Independent Kosovo, even though 14 years after the war in 1999, has still mines in some areas of the land and which are being monitored and cleaned by the Kosovo Security Force in close cooperation with KFOR forces and also by organizations like the HALO Trust and others, who do similar work in other countries with mine issues as well.