Hej Taxi wins at Startup Weekend Prishtina 2013

The fourth edition of Startup Weekend Prishtina organised by a fantastic crew, held the final pitches during which after 7 pitches, the best team was selected Hey Taxi, which will now get the chance to compete on a global level, with the champions circle of the Global Startup Battle.

Their solution is tackling a common issue what people face in their every day life when they are ordering a cab: unable to pinpoint the exact location, while with their solution, Hej Taxi wants to bring a solution to the customers/clients and also to the businesses.

The 2nd team was Wuu Games, a game development company focused on developing 3D based applications for mobile and desktop, based on Unity. The third team was Sofra, an application giving solutions for students on how to prepare food in a cheap way through quick tips and trips on how to do it.

The jury members, Vllaznim Xhiha, Kushtrim Xhakli, Uranik Begu, Drtion Hapçiu and Michael Gold provided great feedback and questions to the pitches, while great mentors were supporting the teams the entire weekend.

This years edition was supported by Athene Project Management, Innovation Centre Kosovo and Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo, while there were other great sponsors as well like IPKO Foundaiton, CEED Kosovo, Telegrafi, IPKO, UX Passion, Digjitale,,, etc. The winning team of Startup Weekend Prishtina will get the chance to compete for the Global Startup Battle, while other participating teams can compete in their circle of choice if they fill in the necessary criteria.