Holiday Tech Gift Guide for products under $25

Tech enthusiasts or known as geeks, always like to try out new tech. They love gadgets and with that in mind, it’s kinda easy

Tech enthusiasts or known as geeks, always like to try out new tech. They love gadgets and with that in mind, it’s kinda easy to guess how to give them a present for Christmas or other seasonal holidays.

As a result, there are lots of tech and gadgets looking for your attention this holiday season. But many, while still great gifts, are obvious, such as smartphones, laptops, and Bluetooth earpieces. Plus, they’re often the kind of technologies that recipients prefer to choose and configure themselves.

But to make things even easier for you we decided to share this exciting list of tech products under $25, or at least close to that if you don’t count shipping and other possible fees.


The Mighty Mug

The mighty mug that won’t go down! The first travel mug that doesn’t fall over is now available in stainless steel as well as in other materials. This vacuum sealed, spill free travel mug truly stands up to all others.

Using smart grip technology, this mug takes hold on any flat surface and won’t knock over if bumped into making it ideal for car trips and on the go coffee sips. The crazy thing is the “Smartgrip Technology” that allows the Mighty Mug to resist falling over when accidentally knocked into by trapping a small amount of air in the base; yet lifts naturally like any other mug. The review from UnboxTherapy is a great way to see this product in action.



The slim-featured docking station for iPhones, was in the market for a while now. However something similar in size and shape couldn’t be found. But finally there is a great solution, and that is Simpeak USB-C Dock, that is sleek, features a minimal design, has an elegant gloss exterior and works with almost any Type-C device.

You can even tilt the USB-C connector for easy docking and undocking so you do not damage the port on your device. 5.Super-Long Warranty: we provide a Warranty of 5 years (allowing replacement or refund) which ensures you a total purchase without problems.


Aukey Table-Lamp

The Aukey Table-Lamp is gorgeous and comes with a great price two. It’s a touch activated table lamp with 256 color changing LED lights. It features three toggle brightness settings – Soft, cool, and bright, while the auto cycle of color combinations can be set to a fixed color as well to suit your mood. The 360° touch panel base provides full control to easily switch light modes and power on/off.

iPhone Lightning Cable – Jackery Jewel

It looks like a normal charging cable, well sort-of. It works with any laptop to charge your iPhone, but there’s a secret power. The Jackery Jewel, is the very first Apple MFI Certified 2-in-1 Lightning to USB Charging Cable Integrated with Compact Portable Battery for iPhone.

This allows the Jackery Jewel to have multi-functional usage, by being a regular charging cable or by providing your iPhone up to 20% extra battery power when you’re on the go. A great choice for those who travel and who might need that extra battery juice.

This product falls easily within the power-banks category, so here you might have some additional options to consider like the Crave Travel Pro, that is not only powerful, but it fits in the palm of your hand, your pocket, or your purse. Small and lightweight, you can take it wherever you go and never run out of power.


Minimal Laptop Stand

This is an ultra-portable laptop stand, or a so-called x-stand that has a great aluminum build and works for almost any laptop. It’s very light weight and as such it enables travelers to carry it easily on a laptop bag. A great choice to be gifted for friends that love to travel, with their tech gadgets of course. But keep in mind that it doesn’t work for Macbook Air models or laptops of similar sizes. It works only for machines between 12 inch and 17 inch.