Hook from Montenegro, connecting users in real-time

Hook is a platform which allows users to follow the movement and interaction of their friends on the Google map. Post text, photo or video at any time and at any certain place on the world map in the real time. Anybody who passes through that place will receive a notification and be able to read or watch your virtual post, leave comments and take part in communication.

Hook is a startup from Montenegro and is one of the semifinalists that has entered the Elance competition for $110,000 in prizes and an opportunity to pitch in front of venture capitalists plus one of 40 $2,500 Elance credits good for hiring online freelancers. “The product is intended for a wide audience. According to initial statistics teens are mostly interested in the product. Hook will be providing a lot of opportunities that we believe that other user groups to be part of the hook “- stated Ivan Radunović, one of the founders of the Hook for Startit.

Hook will take sharing on social networks to a new level, because users will be able to create virtual routes and share them. So every message, photo or video clip will be positioned on the map in slideshow manner and their friends will be able to check it out. This will most certainly make Hook viral and attractive.