How to setup virtual backgrounds in Zoom

Wanna be the person to stand apart from the rest during a Zoom Call? Here’s the manner by which you can be amazing with Zoom Backgrounds.

Zoom has overwhelmed the worldwide markets. Zoom has one of the most sultry video call applications right now, it’s anything but difficult to use for everybody connecting with others from home and takes into consideration up to 100 members in a call.

Zoom’s stock is taking off too and contrasted with $65 an offer from a year ago, it presently exchanges at around $160 per share. Just since the start of this current year, as financial specialists changed in accordance with a Covid-19 reality, the stock is up over 130% when the more extensive markets are down over 30% from their pinnacle.

Go to settings -> Virtual Background

But we don’t wan’t to talk about that in this article. Now, we want to talk about this cool feature that Zoom has, which can make you stand out from the rest during a conference call. If you’re tired of all these coworkers showing up with books on the background, you can actually create your own “virtual-bookshelf quite easily”.

You can select from a pre-defined list of still images, and you can upload your own.

Videos as virtual backgrounds

The cool thing is that you can upload videos as well making your presence via video calls even more awesome. You find the video you want to download from YouTube or anywhere else and upload that on the virtual backgrounds section on Zoom.

Another cool feature you can use is the Snap Cam app. The Snapchat Camera which can be downloaded for free for Mac and Windows gives you the ability to use the Augmented Reality filters from Snapchat directly on the video calls with Zoom. All you have to do after you install Snap Camera is to set up the camera of Zoom to use the Snap Cam from the Video Settings.

You can tweak some additional features here as well, including enabling HD if your laptop or camera supports it, as well as. touching up apperance to appear even more “beauitfied”