How to Start a Startup, from business idea to your first sale

You’re daydreaming or talking with friends and suddenly it hits you: You have a surefire, can’t-miss idea for a startup—an app that no one has thought of, a software idea that fills a gap, even a device that everyone needs.

But as any entrepreneur will tell you, taking an idea from a napkin sketch to a real-life execution is a different kind of hurdle entirely.

The first thing you must do is upend what you think you know about the problem. Are you offering to solve a “first principle” problem? If so, then you have much in common not only with ancient philosophers but with one of the world’s most innovative businessmen, Elon Musk.

And you might be on to a great idea that has a lot of potentials. Your problem-solving should also be turned to those things that are hard. The easy? Someone else is already on that and has probably come up with countless ways to address it.

Want to learn more about startup success? This infographic below prepared by our friends over at Salesforce can definitely help.


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 How to Start a Startup: From Business Idea to Your First Sale

Via Salesforce