How to watch random content on Netflix?

Did you ever come up to a point where you wished there was a “random” button on Netflix, then look no further as Flix Roulette does exactly that, and it works for Albania, Kosovo and other countries in the region.

Instead of you spending your time skimming over 36,000 unique titles (the Netflix digital library is estimated at 170TB or large enough to stream one unique title after another for roughly 6 and a half years) only to settle on rewatching Breaking Bad or Friends for the hundredth time, Flix Roulette is this miracle device, and much more: you can pick directors, actors, or even keywords (like sexy thrillers featuring a strong bisexual lead) to help you with randomizing.

You can go even simpler by choosing all genres, any IMDB score or any type and the roulette will do the job for you. This is quite helpful especially at this time of the year when people don’t have much to do due to vacations on new years holidays and are looking for some entertainment in the free days. Once you’ve defined everything for search, you just hit spin and the results show up, like in the image below.

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