ICT Spring Europe 2015: Innovating the Customer Experience

Strategically located in the heart of Europe, ICT Spring Europe 2015 will gather more than 4,000 key decision

The organizers of ICT Spring Europe 2015 have just announced on their website the names of further guest speakers attending the convention: Constance Smith, Sarah Herz, Didier Rappaport, Julie Demarigny, among others. The conference will also be highlighted by the presence of Pierre Gramegna, minister of Finance of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Strategically located in the heart of Europe, ICT Spring Europe 2015 will gather more than 4,000 key decision makers in IT, finance, banking, web and marketing, as well as investors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups from over 70 countries.



As an influential voice in the worldwide Tech community, the aim of ICT Spring Europe is to encourage exchanges and to promote the sharing of opinions on innovations and trends, while providing an excellent networking opportunity for digital leaders, innovation managers, researchers, start-ups, and investors.

This year’s conference will showcase a range of experts, entrepreneurs and thinkers, talented startups, cutting edge technology and pioneering customer channels that are innovating the customer experience.



ICT Spring Europe 2015 offers its visitors the opportunity to understand the links between these three vital dimensions and gives them the keys to reach global excellence in today’s digital world. Major brands, pioneering players, expert insights: a unique opportunity to challenge every delegate with new trends and technical solutions, but also to enable international and interdisciplinary connections between all these parties while paying particular attention to customer experience. In addition, side events will be held on the margins of the convention:


European ICT Awards

The European ICT Awards aim at rewarding the best practices in the ICT field. 5 awards are opened to candidacies which will be evaluated by a selected jury: European CIO of the Year, European ICT Innovation of the Year, European Startup of the Year, European Digital Leader of the Year, and European FinTech Project of the Year.


ICT Spring Europe Gala Dinner

As part of the worldwide ICT community, the aim of ICT Spring Europe is to encourage emulation and networking between CIOs, innovation managers, startups, researchers and venture capitalists on a European scale: more than 700 guests are expected on the evening of the first day of the conference (May 19) for the European ICT Awards Dinner and Ceremony.


MorpheusCup 2015: The largest European interuniversity digital championship!

The first edition of the MorpheusCup will be held on May 19, in parallel with ICT Spring Europe. This competition aims to bring together more than 750 schools and 200 investors around 10 themes intended to feed team projects that will be evaluated by a jury of five major personalities from different sectors: technology, marketing, business, funding and media.


Digital HR,The Digital Transformation of People Management”

For some years now, especially with the advent of social networking and web 2.0, HR managers are faced daily with new talent management techniques, recruitment, training, etc. To address these HR 2.0 challenges, HR One will join the organizers of ICT Spring Europe 2015 and will offer a morning dedicated to the digital (r)evolution in People Management, the HR Digital Conference.



The Hack4Kids ICT Spring edition will take place on Wednesday May 20th, in the afternoon. The Hack4Kids concept was started by Security Made In Lëtzebuerg (SMILE), with the support of CIRCL and the CodeClub. Their mission is to promote coding and at the same time educate young children (7 to 12 years old) about information technologies in order to raise understanding and general knowledge about new tools and trends. Another key objective is to contribute to the development of the next generation’s ICT talents, e-skills and entrepreneurs.



The exclusive program of seminars and presentations will be delivered by some of the world’s biggest names in finance, technology, and digital including:


Constance Smith, International Digital Communications and Social Media Manager at Lacoste, will share her vision with the audience of ICT Spring Europe 2015. Constance Smith has over 6 years of experience focused on Digital Communications and Marketing for eminent global fashion & luxury brands: ELLE, Van Cleef & Arpels and Christie’s.


Sarah Herz‘s experience comes from having worked for a number of women’s lifestyle websites such as and Grazia. After a brief passage working at Meetic then with Mondadori, she was appointed Head of Digital at Cond Nast and editor for Vogue, GQ and Glamour in France.

Didier Rappaport is the CEO and co-founder of happn, the new buzz app that is turning the dating industry upside down. Before creating happn alongside his partners, Fabien and Antony Cohen, Didier was at the forefront of the Internet scene after developing B2B online services in the 2000s. Didier was co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of the second largest video-sharing website in the world, Dailymotion.

Julie Demarigny is Vice President International of Warner Bros Digital Group since September 2011 and is based in Los Angeles. She is responsible for international developments of consumer-centric, social media and data strategy, CRM, loyalty programs, digital copy, UltraViolet and mobile apps. She was relocated from France after 4 years as Executive Director France & Southern Europe of Warner Bros Digital Distribution, responsible for DTC and electronic distribution of the studio’s content over existing and emerging platforms, including electronic sell-through, VOD, mobile, pre-load and more.

Prior to that, Julie Demarigny led Digital Business & Strategy during 7 years in the music business, serving in succession as Head of New Media at Sony Music, Global Digital Business General Manager at Sony BMG and Director of Business Development and Strategy at Warner Music. In parallel, she taught “multimedia project management” and “digital marketing” to Master’s students at La Sorbonne during 8 years.

Pierre Gramegna is the minister of Finance of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A career diplomat, Pierre Gramegna joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983. He was subsequently appointed political and economic affairs advisor to the Luxembourg embassy in Paris in 1988, an office he held for four years before being appointed consul general and director of the Board of Economic Development in San Francisco. From 1996 to 2002, Pierre Gramegna was Luxembourg’s ambassador to Japan and South Korea. He was subsequently responsible for the Directorate of International Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2003, he took up the position of director general of the Chamber of Commerce, an office he held until his appointment to the government in December 2013. Prior to joining the government, Pierre Gramegna was a member of the executive board of several companies, including Cargolux Airlines International, Bourse de Luxembourg, Socionational de investissement, Office du ducroire, LuxExpo Luxembourg, and BGL BNP Paribas Luxembourg.

A few weeks ago, the organizers of ICT Spring Europe 2015 had unveiled the first headliners attending the convention:

Andrew Ng, one of the world’s smartest researchers in deep learning and artificial intelligence. Andrew Ng’s AI work focuses on deep learning, which develops learning algorithms by building large scale simulations of the brain. In 2011, he founded and led the Google Brain project, which built the largest deep learning (neural network) systems at the time, leading to the celebrated “Google cat” result. His team’s technology has also had a huge impact across numerous Google applications, including speech recognition, maps, and more. More recently, Ng joined Baidu, where he leads Baidu Research in developing the next generation of deep learning algorithms.

Chris Larsen, CEO and co-founder of Ripple Labs, the creators of Ripple, the open-source, distributed payment protocol. Prior to Ripple Labs, Chris Larsen cofounded and served as CEO of Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, and E-LOAN, a publicly traded online lender. During his tenure at E-LOAN, he pioneered the open access to credit scores movement by making E-LOAN the first company to show consumers their FICO scores.

Josh Partridge, Director for EMEA, LATAM and Canada at Shazam, who will share his analyses with the professionals attending the conference. “With Shazam we make TV advertising interactive”, said Josh Partridge in an interview. Mobile is connective, and central to the lives of consumers. Understanding where they are and how they’re using their phones is vital to effective mobile advertising.

Today, a majority of TV viewers use a smartphone or tablet while watching TV, and many consumers with tablets or smartphones have engaged in mobile-based activity related to what they’re watching on TV. In addition, 20% of audiences on tablets and 13% on smart phones have made a purchase on their device after seeing a product on TV. Shazam gets consumers to that content quickly, and Mobile delivers targeted, content-driven, immediately relevant integrations. Before joining Shazam, Josh Partridge spent 6 years at Yahoo working in a variety of roles most notably heading up Yahoo’s commercial expansion across EMEA.

Rupert Keeley, General Manager for PayPal’s businesses in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Senior Vice President of eBay Inc. and Chief Executive Officer of the PayPal Europe bank. Based in Luxembourg, Rupert has responsibility for leading the development of PayPal’s business across the region to capitalize on the rapid growth in commerce conducted over the Internet, mobile channels and increasingly in the offline world. Rupert has more than 30 years of banking and payments experience and was formerly Visa Inc’s Group Executive and President of the Asia Pacific and CEMEA regions, and a Section 16 Officer of the company.

In his 11 year career with Visa, he held a number of management roles including President of Asia Pacific and Global Head of Strategy and Corporate Development. Prior to joining Visa in 1999, Keeley held a number of senior management positions with Standard Chartered plc based in London, Singapore and the Middle East.

Laura Bokobza, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Aldebaran, a French robot builder owned by Japan’s SoftBank.  Aldebaran is the creator of Nao, a 58-centimeter tall robot that can be easily told what to do using an object-oriented program on a computer. Aldebaran is the result of a dream: building humanoid robots, a new humane species for the benefit of humankind. And Laura Bokobza will share this dream with the public at ICT Spring Europe 2015.

The extensive list of lecturers at ICT Spring Europe 2015 is available on the speakers’ page of the conference web site.



ICT Spring Europe is a two days event that brings together the latest ICT technologies and solutions available on the market, entirely dedicated to innovation, in an interactive, enriching and convivial atmosphere. It is not surprising therefore that the conference is organized in Luxembourg, a place with state-of-the-heart ICT infrastructure, highly skilled multilingual workforce, easy access to decision-makers, stable and business-orientated regulatory framework, and high quality of life. ICT Spring Europe is definitively the best framework for companies and organizations wishing to improve their international network or brand awareness, for those who want to be at the very heart of business trends to generate new leads.

ICT Spring Europe 2015 is powered by Farvest, the leading Marketing, and Events company in Luxembourg which stands out through its renowned international network of contacts, and an elitist approach that offers efficient networking and brings state-of-the-art technical services.