Infinum and Porsche launch Porsche Digital Croatia

The Croatian Tech & Business news portal Netokracija has reported that Infinum and Porsche will launch Porsche Digital Croatia, which is expected to create more than 100 jobs in the field of development, marketing, design, and other for the next generation of digital cars.

In early 2020, during the very beginning of the pandemic, Porsche Digital announced the ‘ Forward 31 ‘ initiative, which aims to create a portfolio of independent startups and companies whose digital expertise can help the development of Porsche and other companies in the Volkswagen Group. 

As part of the initiative, Porsche Digital already has offices around the world including Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Barcelona, ​​Palo Alta – and Zagreb . The emphasis is on independence in order to find faster and better digital solutions.

In an interview for Netokracija, Porsche Digital CEO Stefan Zerweck reveals that Infinum and Porshe Digital AG are entering the new company as equal 50-50 partners and co-owners, and plan to invest around 10 million euros in the company and its products in the next three years.

A significant part of this investment, of course, goes to talent, ambitiously announcing the employment of more than 100 digital people over the next three years, including programmers, designers, and project managers to data scientists.

Employees of Porsche Digital Croatia will work in independent product teams that will develop various digital products, some of which will be focused on improving processes within Porsche, and some on end-users through digital services and user experience.

Infinum, on the other hand, is an independent design & development agency from Croatia with a team of close to 300 people located in 10 places and creating beautiful software for 15 years now.

Zagreb is one of the most promising up-and-coming innovation centers in Europe. Especially thanks to the country’s largest university with its focus on IT and natural sciences, the metropolis has a diverse talent pool from the technology and development scene. In the past, there were other Porsche related activities in Croatia, mainly in the investment scene related to Rimac Automobili, which is a famous supercar company from Croatia.