Inspiring Women Making Their Mark on the Tech World

Ghergich & Co and AppDynamics have created an infographic on women in technology, covering key statistics about women in tech as well as top accolades of inspiring female tech entrepreneurs.

The tech world continues to grow—in reach and influence. More and more of us have multiple devices, more and more of us are connected to each other, and the people leading the way in the tech industry are recognized by more people as leaders.

That’s especially true of women who are making their mark in the tech world. Unfortunately, there have been few of them, but they’re carving out roles for themselves as mentors, and they’re making it known that women aren’t alone in the cut-throat world of technology.

That support is important as educators and business leaders continue to encourage young girls to enter science, technology, and engineering fields.

As a whole, women are under-represented in these fields, which means examples are even more important as young girls make their way through school. The career paths and achievements of some of the best and brightest is a good place to start. This graphic highlights a few of their careers.