Internet penetration in Kosovo on the rise

The latest study on Internet penetration by the Association of Technology and Telecommunication of Kosovo STIKK shows that the internet penetration is above 84%, while almost above 70% of them use Facebook, 63% Skype and 76% use internet on their phone. Compared to the report made in 2012 by STIKK, internet penetration based on households has risen 12%, from a total of 72%.

The report was officially revealed today in the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo, whereas Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Petrit Selimi said that the figures on the report show that there is a high number of internet users in Kosovo, with small distinction between the employed and unemployed. The report shows that Kosovo is in line not only with Balkan countries but with other developed countries in the region said Deputy Minister Selimi.


The Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo, Jan Braathu a very supportive country to the technological industry of Kosovo, said that the reports like this show that the country has made a huge progress and the internet adaption, means economic development as well.

The main thing is that internet penetration is high in Kosovo compared to other countries and I think that it would be wise that in the near future people could also have access to public services through the internet said Ian Cliff, the United Kingdom Ambassador in Kosovo.

According to ICT Facts and Figures from ITU 2013, the household internet penetration in Europe is 77%, which shows signs that the country is coming to a similar level with other European countries. See info graphic below for a more clear picture about the latest report.

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