iTrendin, another social network from Kosovo

Social networks have become an important way of communication between people. Each user of social networks has different reasons to use it, such as friends, business or reaching for different information.

It was not long ago when Solaborate, now LA-based, launched in beta from Kosovo, targeting a niche market of IT professionals through a platform build on Windows Azure and competing with the likes of Linkedin and others.

A couple of months later launched, a new social network created in Kosovo, still in beta version and which aims to make it possible for users to share their opinions, photos, videos, and important events for a bigger crowd than their friends.

Itrendin is the first social platform where the users will be able to find information about different cities of Kosovo, including information about trends and events. Information for cities will be collected from the posts in itrendin from the users, this will offer users the opportunity to attract a huge number of followers since their posts will be seen by a lot of people from different cities. Users will have to register on, directly or connect their account with Facebook and they will afterward receive a beta invitation code to join the platform.