Journaliser, tell the world what you witnessed

72% of all internet users are now active on social media and 71% of social media users connect through their mobile phone. And according to Kissmetrics more than 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month, out of which plenty are self-reported news from people around the world.

The convenience of sharing a story in a fast way with just a picture and a brief status on either Facebook or other social media channels, has changed the user behaviour and has given the possibility today that people get access to news more faster through the social channels rather through the typical news channels. Having this in mind, Kosovar/UK cofounders, have launched an application called Journaliser, which gives people the possibility to self-report news and have them in one place. “Tell the world what you witnessed and discover the happenings around you” is the description you receive when you firstly register on the service. 

Journaliser App

Journaliser believes that everyone has the right to report and be heard. Journaliser is one that provides an extremely beneficial service to its users. Be it America, UK, Europe or Africa, the people need freshly reported news from fellow citizens of the world. Using pictures, and short articles of a story or, “Happenings” as Journaliser calls it, people will be informed continuously about what is going on within their society.

Users inform users the up-to-date information, without the intervention of the media, which can sometimes be biased. Users create journalist profiles, and are able to socially interact with one another and create pages of stories related to their own location or theme of story. With a touch of the “Journalise!” button, users can post a picture and a short article regarding an incident, and describe the “Happening”, which occurs in real time. Journalisers are able to build up their reputation by increasing the number of their reader, which are other users that follow and tune into other Journalisers’ profiles.

The aim of Journaliser is to eliminate the middleman in delivering news, whether big or small, positive or negative, to those people that are affected directly by the “Happening” that occur within their society. People need to know about what happens around them instantly, truthfully and creatively. You can download the application for Google Play here or for iOS here.