Kosovo mobile users up 1.2% in Q1

The number of mobile telephony users in Kosovo reached 1.77 million at the end of the first quarter of 2017, up 1.2 percent from the year before but down 11.69 percent from the previous quarter, according to data from the Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (ARKEP). The penetration rate for the service amounted to 97.75 percent (+1.21%).

Vala was the market leader with a 53.08 percent market share (57.24% in Q1 2016), followed by Ipko with 40.64 percent (37.23%), Z Mobile with 5.30 percent (4.38%) and D3 Mobile with 0.98 percent (0.82%). MVNOs had 216,175 users, down 12.90 percent year-on-year. Mobile ARPU fell 17.51 percent to EUR 4.10.

The number of fixed telephony lines totaled 334,452 at the end of March, with 50,952 users (-11.12% y/y), accounting for a 2.81 percent penetration rate for the service. Kosovo Telecom had a 80.44 percent market share (80.45% in Q1 2016), followed by Ipko with 17.27 percent (17.79%) and Kutjesa.Net with 2.29 percent (1.76%).

The number of fixed internet accesses rose 13.06 percent year-on-year to 246,444 at the end of Q1, while mobile internet accesses increased 46.96 percent over the same period to 1.14 million.

Total revenues of the telecom sector were down 12.46 percent to EUR 29.83 million in Q1, of which EUR 21.68 million from mobile telephony (-17.12%) and EUR 954,258 from fixed telephony (-6.01%). Capex declined 31.19 percent to EUR 4.75 million.