Kosovo’s Digital School is taking over the world with Berlitz

The Digital School of Kosovo, which has been founded by Darsej Rizaj & Hana Qerimi in 2015 in Prishtina, as a need to education the new generations about technology, has annouced a global expansion partnership with US based Berlitz, which is world-known provider of best-selling language and travel guides.

The story of the Digital School of Kosov is unique on it’s own as it started to roll out slowly in Prishtina in 2015, and then it quickly expanded to other cities of Kosovo as kids were eager to learn and get educated around technology. Fast forward the Tech School, opened branches in Macedonia, Slovenia and Germany, and now through the collaboration with Berlitz is going global to more than 500 locations.

“We are happy to say that we have signed a long-term agreement with Berlitz, which will give us the chance to teach kids technology in more than 500 locations where Berlitz is present, including Germany, USA, Mexico and Hong Kong. We are very proud that as a Kosovo company, we have managed to breakthrough with this global presence and provide education to the kids of the world. Coding is the language of the future” said Hana Qerimi in an official company statement on Facebook.

The Berlitz Digital School, has a mission to empower young people to navigate digital transformation with confidence, and to take advantage of the opportunities the future holds. The classes are delivered online and focus on developing an understanding of programming languages and new media. Classes are expected to start in October this year.