Kosovo’s maker-space is building their own Electric Car

An agreement signed between Kosovo’s telecom provider IPKO and the foundation “Unë e du Kosovën”

An agreement signed between Kosovo’s telecom provider IPKO and the foundation “Unë e du Kosovën”, has brought to life an electric car at Kosovo’s makerspace, Bonevet.

In the last 10 years, there has been a growing market and global interest in electric vehicles, and this will continue on as an important part of innovation in the 21â€st century. The EVIB project, the collaboration between the BONEVET Makerspace and IPKO, is a wonderful opportunity for youth in Gjakova to participate in the development of electric vehicles and bringing them to use in Kosova.

The EVIB goal is to build a reliable and street-licensed electric vehicle. To this purpose, Bonevet has acquired a Renault ‘TWINGO†(Model 2007) without the combustion engine and without the transmission. Their plan: “convert this car into an all-electric vehicle that runs only on battery power”.

EVIB will serve to transport passengers and goods in the old bazaar area of Gjakova known as the “Çarshija e Madhe” as well as be used around the city of Gjakova. Bonevet is hopeful that EVIB will encourage the Municipality of Gjakova to introduce electric vehicles as a transportation-standard in the old bazaar, to provide safe and greener transportation to make the “Çarshija e Madhe” a safer and healthier place for the community.

Doing an electric vehicle conversion is much lower in cost than purchasing a new electric car from companies like Nissan, Tesla, or BMW. The Twingoâ€s chassis was purchased at a very low price and only the electrical system parts will be purchased, which cannot be produced at BONEVET.

Bonevet has initially built an RC car to learn about the parts, controls, and electrical management of a very small electric vehicle. The stage two will include the design stage of an electric trike, while stage three will include doing the conversion of the Renault Twingo. The main work of this stage will be to design custom elements: a metal plate that connects the electric motor to the transmission, a structure that will hold the electric motor in the engine compartment of the car, building a safe and contained battery bank that will be at least 97 volts, and merging all the electrical controls of the Twingo system with an all-electric system.

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