Tech, the new attempt at the food delivery market of Kosovo

Food delivery is one of the latest industries that is being attacked by tech companies such as GrubHub, Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo, etc. Those companies are trying to eliminate the friction that is associated with cooking and dining out.

Similar to car-hailing that is being offered by Uber or Lyft, food delivery could change the attitude towards both cooking and eating. While going out for lunch or dinner eliminates the chores of cooking and cleanup, it also comes with its own set of inconveniences. Getting to a restaurant takes time and effort.

At this point we have services such as, which aims to tackle exactly this market opportunity, basically delivering meals which customers can enjoy in comfort and privacy at their home or office., is not the first start-up in Kosovo, aiming to tackle this market. There were a few attempts here from start-ups like, Breshka, etc, which didn’t manage to survive a challenging market which was a bit to early for food delivery back in the day. Now,, which in English means, Where are we eating? is aiming to overcome those challenges and succeed where others failed.

Hakan Eren from, told us that they’ve managed to get an agreement with over 70 restaurants, which have been carefully selected so that customers get the chance to enjoy only the best food. “Our focus is customer satisfaction, and this means also that we had to remove restaurants from our system because their service was poor,” said Hakan.

They’ve been in the market for more than a year now and have expanded slowly towards different areas of the capital Prishtina. “Our motto is from flija (the traditional Albanian dish) to sushi while trying to be the biggest kitchen in Kosovo and expanding slowly to other cities as well” commented Hakan.

70 restaurants & 2,000 customers already

Kupohajna has a mobile app as well on iOS and Android and accepts orders from the web too. To make it easier for other not so tech-savvy people, the platform also offers phone call support. After orders are received, which on average take around 30-40 minutes, customers leave a review and share their experience with the service.

The platform has managed to get more than 2,000 customers so far, with quite a few of them being repeat customers. It’s a self-funded start-up, that gives the possibility for delivery services to restaurants who don’t have such services, and it’s also currently working to expand to 4 other cities if everything goes well.

Will this platform succeed, where others didn’t manage, we’ll have to see, but so far the feedback from customers has been nothing but positive, so we’ll keep a close eye on them.