Laika, the Linkedin of the Balkans

The fluctuation of employees in the Tech industry is enormous. Companies are unable to find people for open positions for months, while tech professionals are always looking for a job they really want. They are not impressed not only by money, but challenging projects, the possibility of growth, the good work ethic and the team.

A team of 12 developers, serial entrepreneurs, geeky marketers, designers and enthusiasts from IMPACT from Skopje and the Balkans under the name Laika. Laika is a new startup in the Balkans that strives to make a difference and solve the struggles for both talents and employers. Their solution–а hassle-free smart platform that matches tech talents with companies based on their skills, preferences and competencies.


How does it work?

You can use the platform completely free of charge. The platform guarantees 100% anonymity until you want to see who wants to offer you a working position and under what conditions. You enter the skills that you own, set salary, position, type of employment, technologies you work with, location (somewhere in the Balkans or from home). Then companies can contact you vice versa.

At Laika, companies will have a chance to connect with talents from all 4 Balkan countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia). The companies will be able to present the team, culture, offices, technologies and projects. They will have a chance to present the company and show that they are the preferred place to work even for passive job seekers. They will get insights into the company’s interest, with a recommendation on how to improve and how to optimize each point of the recruitment process. They will find out which channel works, and who does not – to have a greater focus on retaining existing employees.



Who uses Laika?

There are currently 30 companies testing the product, and only 100 companies will be selected to join the early stage. If you want your company to get early access, join here. Laika’s Executive Director – Aleksandra Janakievska, compiled a team inspired to transform the Balkans. After 2 successful years at Brainster, where she was CMO, marketing instructor and career mentor to students, she decided to focus on the job market. “There are so many critical problems that need to be resolved and perhaps this is not the most important. But when the problem finds you, you have to take the matter into your own hands. And we know that no problem is too difficult if you are persistent, “says Alexandra.