Latest PayPal Developments in the Balkans

A year ago we reported from Webit Congress 2013 through representatives of Paypal, the the world known online…

A year ago we reported from Webit Congress 2013 through representatives of Paypal, the the world known online payment system is about to expand in 2014 to Kosovo and Macedonia, however ever since, things have moved very slowly.

The latest development. also confirmed unofficially by a local bank in Kosovo (TEB Bank), shows that their credit card, known as Starcard, is available to be connected with the service, and users are able to verify their profile fully. A couple of years ago, users were able to receive, but two years ago, support from Paypal stopped the service completely for citizens of Kosovo.

Only now, on a month ago or so, the payments seem to be working again and according to the support from TEB Bank, customers are able to send and receive money. What we could test so far is the verification of the profile and the payments online, however, we could not receive money as this somehow failed, which means the functionality of the service it’s still not complete. We tested out with the Payoneer Card as well and that didn’t result successfully.

Valon Badivuku, a heavy user of the service and based in Prishtina, Kosovo confirmed to us that today he was able to verify his account, which was previously blocked, however he informed us that using the Payoneer Credit Card with PayPal, he was unable to send money or receive.

“Looks like we are still destined to struggle in this direction. The functionality of Paypal is quite important to some of us working in the digital landscape, however, we are overcoming these problems slowly and using solutions like Payoneer to receive money and get paid through ThemeForest using this card until Paypal is fixed” stated Valon for

A couple of days ago the latest news came in from Serbia, where our friends from Netokracija learned that Paypal finally allows payments through it’s service for users in Serbia, meaning availability to send money and also receive money. Initial testing showed that the users can send and receive through individual, as well as merchant accounts.