Launching Digjitale with a fresh new look

After many hours of passion and codding together with the team at Appsix, the date 12.11.2014 today, marks a new design stage for our website and overall mobile and tablet experience for our global audience.

After many hours of passion and coding together with the team at Appsix, the date 12.11.2014, marks a new stage for our website and overall mobile and tablet experience for our global audience.

The new website design includes a massive overhaul compared to the previous design that you were used to seeing since 2013, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll enjoy the look and feel, both on desktop and mobile.

With the new launch, we move forward towards a more flat and clean design, using large images and white space, while focusing the entire user experience on the content.

Our core online activity includes the stories that we dig up every day from this part of the Balkans to the readers of the world, and by serving a user-oriented design we believe that we’re in a new position to do this job better.


New Stuff & Further Expansion

To see more of the awesome work done, you surely should check the presentation on Behance (lovely work by the Design and Development team), while keep in mind that there are new things like, highlighting of trending articles, interesting stats from our audience (we’re not shy, we want to show you more than the others out there), relevant information for other stories, a new dedicated events section (coming up), a totally new about page, and much more.

At Digjitale we’ve always dedicated our time and passion for reporting what’s happening in this part of Europe, e.g. Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, etc. and reporting to the global audience. After launching in 2012 in Albanian, and then shifting to entire English in 2013, we’re moving forward with a new look and plans to expand the team and include more folks that have the same goal. We have a new section called commentary where you’ll be seeing personal opinions from our contributors and other folks.


Startup Ecosystem Promotor

Digjitale has been built to serve the community, promote the new entrepreneurs and role models around the world and show potential for investment. Digjitale has gone beyond that and has been connecting the local startup scenes to the regional scenes. It has been digging up startups and pitching them to international media outlets.

It has promoted entrepreneurs to Investment Funds. It has connected those were not. It has been present in top European tech and startup conferences, even in countries where travel is not possible from some of the countries of the Balkans and it has keep building up the startup scene as it did start 2 years ago.

Keep staying around with your startup source from the Balkans. Make sure to share the amazing stuff with us, share us with your network and do write us. More amazing things are coming.