LAUNCHub announces 6 new investments

The LAUNCHub Seed Fund has just announced the start of its new dedicated run, seventh in a row for applications for seed funding of up to 200 K Euro with deadline September 28, 2014. Applications can be submitted both through F6S and AngelList, please use the following link to apply.

The LAUNCHub Seed Fund announced today also 6 new investments finalized during the summer further to the latest investment decision followed the dedicated selection run launched earlier in February 2014.

With the new 6 teams on board, LAUNCHu’s investments now span the European map across Southeastern Europe. The portfolio has now increased to 47 companies in 9 countries in Europe – Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Ukraine, Austria and Switzerland. Throughout its two years in operations the LAUNCHub Seed Fund has invested over 3.5 million Euro in the digital tech sector in the SEE region. In the same time, the Fund has attracted more than 3 million Euro of co-investment funds for its portfolio companies, seeing through two Series A rounds and participating in joint rounds.

More on the new application run

Think big and go beyond LAUNCHub’s expectations are to meet cohesive and committed teams with a good understanding of the markets and consumers they are addressing. Applicants are strongly encouraged to present all relevant information on traction achieved so far, first customer reviews, feedback and metrics on their products and services. Previous experience with accelerator programmes or in raising angel money is welcome.This dedicated application run is aimed at companies targeting larger amounts of financing up to 200K Euro.

The culmination of the LAUNCHub funding selection will be the special Selection event in Sofia during the last weekend of October 2014, where shortlisted teamswill have the chance to pitch their ideas live and get approved for seed investment. Successful applicants will be offered fundingof up to 200K Euro in exchange of equity.

More on the new companies (Switzerland & Austria) is an online marketplace for finding and booking great ski instructors, ski schools, mountain and ski guides in Europe.

Flyver (Bulgaria) – Flyver is an open-source app framework for drones presenting an integrated ecosystem for development framework, drone simulators and a marketplace.

GlassMouse (Bulgaria) – Through tracking head and eye movement, the GlassMouse solution offers real-life experience when playing games with Google Glass and an easier computer interaction.

Tool.Domains (Bulgaria)-An all-in-one Tool for Domain and Data Research (SEO, Social, Whois, Content, Crawls).

Cashila/ (Slovenia)VIPBIT is a Bitcoin payment processing service solution.

Metrilo – is an analytics and marketing automation tool that helpseCommerce stores run their online business based on data-driven decision. Metrilo has also marked the first joint investment between LAUNCHub and the 11 Accelerator Venture Fund.