Macedonian citizens can track the budgets of their municipalities

Follow the money ( a service developed by Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, an independent organization that promotes transparency and accountability in Macedonia, aims to bring the fiscal policies of local governments to citizens in Macedonia, through simple and transparent disclosure of their budgets and expenditures of municipalities since 2008 until today.

Follow the money is intended to display transparent and simple distributions of all budgets of local governments in Macedonia. Currently the service contains data only for 16 out of 80 municipalities, but aims to increase the covered municipalities.

The citizens of Macedonia, compared to other citizens in the region who are unable to see where their taxes are going, have the ability to see updated data about Top 5 municipalities in revenue, Top 5 municipalities in expenditures or go for more details about expenses like investments, buildings, buying vehicles/furniture, etc. Additional features include the possibility to see revenues/expenditures by municipalities, with transfer donations, capital income, non-tax income, tax revenue, etc, and cost comparison for municipalities, for expenses like salaries, goods and services, social benefits, etc.