Macedonian Letz wins the 2016 Golden Kitty Award

The 2nd annual Golden Kitty Awards have come to an end. 15 categories, 200+ of the best new products

The 2nd annual Golden Kitty Awards have come to an end. 15 categories, 200+ of the best new products, 2 weeks of pure excitement from the community and for the first time ever, Letz, the productivity bot from Macedonia has won the “Bot of the year Award“.

2016 was the year of the bots. We saw Celebrity bots, customer support bots, translation bots, data bots, an app store for bots. and much more, while the Bots Topic itself on Product Hunt has over 1,100 bot related products right now.

Similarly, iMessage apps came onto the scene in the middle of 2016 with the launch of iOS 10 and Apple’s iMessage Store. The promise of living inside of peoples’s day-to-day communication is certainly attractive to many makers. As of today, the (newly created) iMessage Topic has over 500 products.

Nintendo was a big winner this year. Pokemon Go was a phenomenon that captured just about everyone’s attention. Nintendo even doubled up on the nostalgia strategy with the recent launch of Super Mario Run, and hardware products like the Classic Mini and the impressive Nintendo Switch (which will come out in March).

We also witnessed some exciting hardware, including Microsoftâ€s preview into the future of desktop computing, and Appleâ€s highly anticipated Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro.

Meanwhile, Google doubled down on hardware:

And Snapchat came along and launched Spectacles in one of the greatest launch strategies of all time.

In 2017 weâ€re expecting more developments with live video ( Hello, Houseparty), and a lot of exciting new use cases for audio interfaces like Appleâ€s AirPods and in particular, Google Home and Amazon Echo.


The 2016 Golden Kitty Award Winners

Tech Product of the Year

Winner: Gboard by Google

Runner-Up: Pokemon GO


Sexiest Product of the Year

Winner: Tesla Model S P 100D

Runner-up: Snapchat Spectacles


Breakthrough of the Year

Winner: Tesla Solar Roof

Runner-up: Tesla Model 3


Hardware product of the Year

Winner: Leaf

Runner-up: Microsoft Surface Studio


Mobile App of the Year

Winner: Tiny Card by Duolingo

Runner-up: Hardbound


Desktop App of the Year

Winner: Franz

Runner-up: Slack for Mac


iMessage app of the Year

Winner: Momento

Runner-up: Giphy for iMessenger


Bot of the Year

Winner: Letz The small Letz team from Macedonia, has won the first ever Golden Kitty in the Bot of the Year category. This was a tight race right till the end between Letz, Nerdify Bot, and Duolingo’s Bots product.

Runner-up: Nerdify Bot


Chrome Extension of the Year

Winner: Toby

Runner-up: Ghost for Facebook
There are some other categories as well, but you can learn more directly here.