Macedonians mostly bought online in Macedonia

According to a recent publication by, in 2019 Macedonian shoppers spent most of their money online in stores in Macedonia. 

This is also a pattern seen in the State Statistical Office data shared by e-Commerce Macedonia. Unlike the last year, Macedonians now mostly buy online from sellers inside the country (38.8%), as compared to last year when most of the purchases were from other outside of country providers.

Other statistics from the report show that online shopping is continuing to grow and e-commerce has grown up by 14% in the last 12 months, with 35.9% of online buyers purchasing online products, compared to 31.6% of internet users in the last year.

Increasing internet penetration

Internet penetration has also seen a slight increase, with households using the internet growing at 81.8 percent in the past three months, compared to 79.3 percent last year. Most of the users have access to broadband internet (80.4%). The number of users who use the internet daily is also growing. 72.9% use the internet every day, compared to 68.7% last year.

Most people used social networks to post and share their own content. Software creators are also mixed in this section of users sharing content. 70.4% of internet users practice this most frequent activity of Macedonian users. Messaging and online communication across the most popular platforms such as Viber and Messenger are in second place and shared by 70.1% of users.

What did Macedonians buy in 2019?

Most consumers, 35.8 percent, bought clothing and sports equipment. The difference between “second place” is significant and household products are purchased by 10.5% users, and electronic equipment by 10.4%.