How to make an app in One week – Part 1

I had a free week some days before and I was wondering if it is possible to put an app into the App Store in less than one week. And it all started just as an experiment. So I decided that I was going to work on a photo app, prepare it, test it, design and develop it in under one week.

So I created Awesome Me Photo Editor for iOS, an easy to use photo editor with cool effects and more than 30 custom frames. It’s doing quite well in the Albanian and German App stores. Thus I want to share with you the story behind whole process on a series of blog posts .

At first this can be very daunting, but I had to try, I had to have an app in the Photo&Video category on the Appstore.

These are my steps to build and submit an app in less than one week:


Planning is crucial before going to war

Every great battle starts with a plan, every mission starts with a plan. There is no point that you can’t do the same with your app. What I did was taking my beloved notebook and write down all the points that the app must do. It had to be simple, easy to use, with a clean interface and straight to the point. And my photo app must share photos in the most important social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr ect.


Focus on the user, not on lots of functionality

When you start to think about your new app, you imagine all those cool new features that the app “must have”, because the users will love them… But as soon as you realize that you don’t have an eternity to build an app, and you don’t have all the knowledge required, then you start to think what is really a must. Only then, you start to be realistic and you can start to develop an app. Only then, you start to think like your normal user, a simple user that will use your photo app to shoot, edit, and share the photo. And that’s all. So my app would have: shoot, edit, share and go! As easy as 1,2,3.


Design is the top priority

The functionality of an app usually is supported by its design. Even the love that your users will show is based on the design of the app (of course that the app must be fully functional).

The first impression of every user with your app, so thinks and rethink, choose the right colors that will attract attention and go with the design.

Now this is really hard, and every time you get it right, you think of something else which is better. But you have to stop somewhere or you will never submit your app. In my case, the app was simple with only 2 buttons on the main screen, take a photo or choose from the gallery. I tried different models, and that is what i decided (but now that I am writing, I am thinking of new ideas).

Once you start to develop an idea of how the general color scheme will be, you will have clearer ideas of the entire interface of the app. So after the user chooses  his photo the next screen will be the most important point of the entire application. From there the user will have all the options that he needs, so edit, add frame and share.

I decided to put the buttons directly under the photo because I wanted to add a banner ad at the bottom. Turns out that people really hate banner ads and they do not convert very well.

So I suggest you remove the banner ads because they don’t bring you anything. Only pissed off people!

And on that bombshell, that is all for now! :). Have a nice day and thanks for passing by and don’t forget to download the app.

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