Marketing tactics by Machine Zone, featuring Kate Upton

Helsinki based mobile game development company, Supercell was among the first mobile developer company to invest heavily

Helsinki based mobile game development company, Supercell was among the first mobile developer company to invest heavily in quality oriented commercials for both web and traditional platforms, and they went as far as having Liam Neeson (AngryNeeson52) on a Super Bowl AD.

Supercell continued this approach on investing for quality commercials and their Youtube channel constantly features new funny commercials that engage audiences and attract new customers.

California-based Machine Zone, another mobile developer company has launched a similar approach in marketing featuring the supermodel Kate Upton. The commercial is close to 10M views on YouTube and raises awareness around the free to play game for iOS and Android Game of War.

The gamers can purchase items with real money if they want to accelerate their progress in the game. Typically, only 2 to 5 percent of players spend money, based on data from public companies. But Machine Zone has a title that for being very good at monetizing its audience.

Game of War could be generating more than $230 million per quarter or perhaps $930 million a year for Machine Zone, while with this kind of investments in marketing the company might be ending up with even higher numbers in revenue terms.

Machine Zone hired Upton to star in its TV ads last fall, and then it used her in a Super Bowl commercial that also cost millions of dollars. There are also rumors that Machine Zone will replace Upton with Mariah Cary for another upcoming TV Commercial, and she is getting 7 figures as well for the commercial.

One thing is for sure: we’ll get to see more famous people in mobile developer companies.