MedicSMS, diagnosis via SMS for developing countries

FreeMe has been awarded as this years winner of Disrupt London Hackathon 2015, while the runner up MedicSMS

FreeMe has been awarded as this year’s winner of Disrupt London Hackathon 2015, while the runner-up MedicSMS showed an interesting solution for developing countries, through which people are able to send an SMS with symptoms and receive the best possible advice through IBM Watson.

Access to smartphones is growing increasingly, yet developing countries have still limited access to those technologies and often rely on SMS access for faster and cheaper way of communication. A recent mobility report from Ericsson, shows that there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally, with another 3.5 billion expected to come online by 2020.

At TC London Hackathon, a team comprising two astronomy PhDs from the University Cambridge, along with three developers who they met at the event, came up with another seemingly useful app called MedicSMS.

According to the article published on TC, MedicSMS uses IBM Watson to deliver to the user the best advice that it can regarding what the condition might be and what measures to take. Additionally, it asks the person sending the text for his or her location, data it then feeds to local government and NGOs.

via Techcrunch