Meet DOKU.TECH’s first speakers!

DOKU.TECH is one of the biggest tech conferences in the Balkans. The next DOKU.TECH is coming June 10th, and 11th, 2017 to Termokiss in Prishtina then continuing after on August 5th in Prizren during Dokufest.

DOKU.TECH 2017 is bringing careful observers able to spot patterns in accelerating changes that technology produces in society. They’re bringing innovators who are pushing the boundaries and breaking the walls to move us all forward. They are celebrating local and international talent who will look at Balkan challenges and opportunities within the context of global issues and we are finally introducing you to the first six of these speakers!


David Batstone is a professor, activist and entrepreneur!

Visionary founder and Managing Director of Just Business, a social impact investment firm, David shares his unique model for developing successful enterprises that create opportunity for everyone. His portfolio of successful ventures includes REBBL – top new organic beverage in the USA (2016), Z Shoes an organic shoe company, and Not For Sale, a global anti-human trafficking organization. He is currently a professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at the School of Management, University of San Francisco.


Birgitta Jonsdottir is a leader, reformer, and poetican!

Birgitta has helped create two political movements: the Civic Movement and the Pirate Party, both entering the Icelandic Parliament. She specializes is 21st century lawmaking with focus on direct democracy, freedom of expression, information and digital privacy – she is a hacker in parliament/ a poetican for the Pirate Party. Birgitta is long time activist and was a WikiLeaks volunteer when the largest leak in human history was dropped into the digital arms of the organization.


Matan Berkowitz is an interdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur who was one of Forbes 30 Under 30!

Matan lives in the nexus of art, technology and positive impact. His inventions translate physical signals (like brainwaves, heartbeats and movements) from the human body into music, turn everyday objects into instruments. Matan regularly speaks and performs worldwide and has appeared on stages such as TEDx, Google Day, Microsoft Think Next, Forbes Under 30 Summit, Re:Publica and Music Tech Fest. His presentations often combine live demos of his inventions, and his unique interactive art installations have been exhibited in museums, galleries and events.


Geraldine de Bastion is an expert on Digital Transformation and Development!

Geraldine is a bilingual political scientist with an intercultural background and work experience ranging from human rights work to management consultancy in Germany and abroad. She has been consulting governmental organisations, NGOs, and businesses on digital strategies and has managed international development projects for nearly 15 years. She is co-founder of the consultancy Konnektiv and is founder of the Global Innovation Gathering, a network of grassroots innovators, social entrepreneurs, founders, and managers of makerspaces, hackerspaces, and innovation hubs.


Walid Sultan MIDANI is an entrepreneur, game developer and humanity enthusiast!

Walid Sultan Midani is social entrepreneur in technology and game development. Co-director & co-founder of the Tunisian branch of the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, The Founder Institute. He’s the founder of DigitalMania, the first video game studio in Tunisia. He was a member of the organizing board of the “Electronic Sports World Cup – ESWC” from 2005 to 2008. He just launched Youtopia, a platform that makes games around maps.


Jona Repishti works in development and innovation!

Jona Repishti is the Network Coordinator for the International Development Innovation Network at the D-Lab MIT where she manages a diverse, global network of over 600 innovators working in 50+ countries to design, develop, and disseminate low-cost technologies to improve the lives of people living in poverty. Jona also manages the MIT Scale-Ups Fellowship. Prior to D-Lab, Jona worked for various United Nations agencies taking part in short projects in Haiti, Kenya, Kosovo, and China. She was also the founder of Mjaft! (Enough!) Foundation promoting youth civic engagement in her home country, Albania.

The next speakers of DOKU.TECH, who are just as impressing, will be announced soon. Stay tuned!