Meet Envoice, a simple invoicing app from Macedonia

Envoice is a simple invoicing tool that lets you send invoices to your customers and get them paid online on your PayPal, Payoneer or Stripe account.

Founded by Marjan Nikolovski, Aleksandar Gjozev and Sasho Mihajlov from Macedonia, Envoice is as a result of solving their own frustration with sending Word/PDF invoices to clients and maintaining the invoice list and stats in an Excel file.

“For every new invoice created by copy-pasting the previous one, we were having different data issues like changing the invoice number, issue date, due date, invoice items and total amount.” said Marjan on a post he shared over on Product Hunt, where the product got featured 3 days ago.


Envoice’s aim is to become a go-to place for people experiencing the same challenges with invoicing and targeting especially freelancers and small companies who face similar challenges. The pricing model that Envoice uses, is free for up to three clients, $14 / month for up to 30 clients and $27 for unlimited clients.

For more make sure to visit their website, while worth mentioning is that the team behind Envoice, is also behind Emit Knowledge, the progressive small agency which stands behind the enterprise software for many big companies like Fokker, Enercon, etc.