Metavallon and Ericsson Team Up in Greece

Metavallon announces its collaboration agreement with Ericsson as part of The Accelerator 2016 to enhance market access for accelerating startups in Europe and internationally.

Metavallon announces its collaboration agreement with Ericsson as part of The Accelerator 2016 to enhance market access for accelerating startups in Europe and internationally.

In a world where talent-driven and transformative startups are striving for market validation and traction, Metavallon and Ericsson join forces at The Accelerator for a greater mission. The ultimate goal: To build the missing link and gear up resolute entrepreneurs for phenomenal market success!

The collaboration between the vibrant social enterprise and the innovation-driven industry leader aims to transform all promising startups participating in The Accelerator 2016. The powerful allies will team up to act as enablers for an effective and energizing connection between early-stage startups and the market.


Boarding The Accelerator Express

The Accelerator by Metavallon is a rigorous 4-month business acceleration program that offers founders the unique opportunity to build a powerful market presence, create a scalable business, secure follow-on funding, and get the right results, fast! The program aims to empower founders to create phenomenal companies by onboarding a global network of mentors, partners, investors, and founders.

The Accelerator 2016 is ultimately looking to get passionate startups and dedicated entrepreneurs into high gear and transform them into powerful investment-worthy businesses with a wide global reach. Market-driven and international, The Accelerator 2016 puts together a set of essential tools for startups, including an exhilarating month-long US Mission, over $220K in perks and services to help participants kickstart their success, and $22.000 in pre-seed funding.

This year, too, Metavallon stays true to its code of evolution, bringing on board Ericsson to elevate further this year’s cohort. The budding venturing talent and the most novel European startups will have the opportunity to work with the Telecoms leader on cutting-edge solutions and in transformative industries.


Creating Stellar Opportunities to Venture Forth

With fresh novel ideas at the table, an incredible opportunity to establish their authority as ecosystem supporters and a chance to enhance their impact, Ericsson and Metavallon will be leading The Accelerator participants into fertile market grounds and a bold, brighter future. How?

“Metavallon strives to transform societies by building an infrastructure that empowers entrepreneurs to start high-impact ventures, generate job and market opportunities, and grow their businesses. Ultimately our goal is Progress: to enhance entrepreneurial success, boost local economies, and foster social prosperity.

We want our partnership with Ericsson to inspire Europe’s untapped pool of forward-thinking talent, passionate for growth and innovation, and fuel this desire for creation and progress, shares Alexandra Choli, Founder & Managing Director at Metavallon.

On the Ericsson front, Marie Large, Head of Ericsson in South East Europe attests:  Teaming up with Metavallon for the acceleration of European startups and the strengthening of the innovation ecosystem in Europe is a great way to celebrate Ericsson’s 140th Anniversary.

Ericsson always had a strong commitment to Innovation as well as to Corporate Social Responsibility. We engage regularly with customers, universities, and partners in the countries of operation to create a positive impact for the local societies. It is in this context that we announce today this collaboration with Metavallon, a Greece-based startup accelerator with international reach.
During The Accelerator 2016, Ericsson will be sharing with Metavallon its exceptional know-how, global scale, and skilled resources to empower and transform the selected startups. With Metavallon we share common values and principles – those of innovation, perseverance, and professionalism. Through this partnership, we see the unique opportunity to continue our quest towards shaping a better, more sustainable world and in leading the digital transformation in the way we create, we do business, and we lead our lives.


The Ericsson Contribution to The Accelerator Universe

Ericsson is no stranger to the startup game. Over the past years, it has been systematically empowering future-shaping companies, supporting local ecosystems, and turning great ideas into global realities. As a partner of Metavallon for The Accelerator, Ericsson will offer:

  • Insider Know-How. Through one-to-one coaching sessions, Ericsson’s professionals will be sharing their invaluable trade secrets with The Accelerator founders.
  • Market Access. Amazing networking opportunities with targeted industries will be presented to participating startups, bringing them one step closer to sealing market deals.
  • Proof of Concept. Ericsson will work closely with select accelerating teams to bring and test their product and/or service in the market.
  • Groundbreaking Technology. The Telecoms leader will be welcoming the Accelerator startups to its own pioneering initiatives, such as the IoT Cloud Lab only to propel them to the future and beyond!
  • Competitive Edge. Accelerating startups will gain unbelievable venturing momentum with invitations to join in select events organized by Ericsson.
  • Transformative Influence. International exposure & visibility are in store for participating founders.


Metavallon & Ericsson Prepare for A Disruptive Tour De Force

Creating unequaled market-entry opportunities for startups; redefining dynamics within the European ecosystem; putting innovation and social impact on the entrepreneurial table. From the first small steps to creating a large-scale effect, Metavallon and Ericsson are taking the first steps to shaking up the current startup state.

  • Building Businesses. Beyond the hype of investments and events, the powerful partners are going back to the drawing board and focusing their joint activities on what truly makes a business: generating value for customers.
  • Leading Innovation. Working closely with select accelerating teams, Metavallon and Ericsson will be leading the development of pioneering offerings for the market and the world!
    Redefining Global. Turning thinking to acting, The Accelerator will be bridging ecosystems through its international activities and qualifying cutting-edge startups across Europe to truly deliver globally.
  • Establishing a Perception-Shaping Force. Metavallon, as an active international startup enabler, and Ericsson as an energizing innovation champion will be establishing a precedent for facilitating evolution and creating meaningful impact.
  • Engaging in Social Change. The Accelerator 2016 forges a unique social value proposition as it develops a circle of opportunity, creation, and growth and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to craft their own future.

Paving a Stairway to Success: Enter The Accelerator 2016!

Interested in accelerating? To get the best of the energizing partnership between Metavallon and Ericsson, submit your company for The Accelerator 2016 by April 27!