Mike Butcher annouced for AllWeb Albania

On October 20th, Allweb is coming to Tirana, Albania covering a series of topics and discussions with some exciting speakers, including Mike Butcher

After being organized for 4 years in a row in Macedonia, AllWeb has expanded and is now being organized in October in Albania as well.

October the 20th will gather people from all over Balkans in series of topics and discussions with speakers like Mike Butcher from TechCrunch, Natasa Djukanovic from, Erik Meijer from Deutsche Telekom and others.


Mike Butcher shows up for the second time in Albania

After speaking at Dokutech in Prizren and hosting a TechCrunch Meetup in Tirana, Mike Butcher is coming down to the Balkans again. This time to engage even more with the Albanian startup community and getting more startups into action.

The Editor At Large at TechCrunch, the biggest breaking news site about the world’s hottest tech companies, has also been named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology by The Daily Telegraph.

Mike is also the co-founder of TechHub, a global community for technology entrepreneurs and startups”, working with over 700 companies worldwide.

Currently, he is a part of Techfugees, a project which aims to coordinate the tech community’s response to the refugee crisis and the needs of the refugees with conferences, workshops, hackathons and meetups generating tech solutions for one of the biggest humanitarian crises in history.

AllWeb is new, one of a kind business event in Albania, designed to provide quality content, great speakers, useful case studies and selfless knowledge sharing. AllWeb started in 2012 in Macedonia and has been a huge success with more than 80 speakers, 1,000 participants, and more than 50 partner brands.

AllWeb is being organized during the 20th of October at the Tirana Business Park Venue, while tickets are still available through the website with an early bird option still available.

AllWeb is also organizing the annual event in Skopje, in Skopje coming up on November 18th.