MoneyCoach, financial freedom, simplicity and speed

MoneyCoach is our selected app of the week, coming from the finance sector

MoneyCoach is our selected app of the week, coming from the finance sector and enabling users financial freedom by helping them manage all their financial accounts with ease.

The app creates interactive reports and gives users tips from top personal finance experts. “We have thousands of devoted daily users and we have supported them on a weekly basis, updating the app, releasing new amazing features and constantly polishing the app,” said Perjan Duro, the creator of the app.

The team claims that the app is one of the best personal finance management apps on the App Store, while some neat include iCloud integration and iPad support, while some additional features that are expected include Multiple Currencies, Transactions by Voice, iCloud Sync, AI Smart Reporting, Apple Watch and soon Apple TV companion apps.The app is localized in German, Italian, French, Chinese and Albanian.

MoenyCoach has also won a couple of awards, including the 2nd place at the HypoVereinsbank Appathon 2015 and just recently, the 1st place at the IBM Cognitive Banking Hackathon Frankfurt 2016.

The app has been Ad-free since the beginning, while the premium version, called MoneyCoach Pro Program, will give users access to premium features, yet to be announced.

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I use Geltbox Money.

Geltbox is a personal financial aggregator designed for homes and small businesses. Geltbox gives you a clear overview of your expenses, investments, loans and assets. It aims to help you plan your monthly savings and your investments. The ultimate goal is to help you reach financial security.

What makes Geltbox Money special and unique?

Geltbox Money lets you sync to any financial website in the world.

No need to use online financial aggregators, which are limited to certain financial institutions.

Record your own downloaders and have them run automatically in your device.

Can work in most countries in the world.

Data and credentials are stored and encrypted locally.

No need to give away your user names and passwords.

No need to store your personal financial information online.

many more features…

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