Moonstone, an open source light wallet built on BitShares

The latest development on Bitcoin/Bitshare related news comes in from Kosovo, and it’s around a new startup called Moonstone

The latest development on Bitcoin/Bitshare related news comes in from Kosovo, and it’s around a new startup called Moonstone, which is an open-source, lightweight application built on BitShares Platform that focuses on user experience and security. And as a pre-warning for our readers, this is quite a technical post.

Moonstone is aiming to provide users the ability to transfer and trade crypto-assets like BitGOLD, BitCNY and user-issued assets like NOTE, and just recently the Moonstone team has launched a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise funds to finish developing and launching the wallet. On top of everything, the Moonstone team has a plan to pay back those who contribute to the crowdfunding of the campaign.

The original idea started back in August 2014 and expanded gradually to a mature product, through the leadership of Taulant Ramabaja, an open source and his team, who by the end of 2014 have already set-up a strong basis of the product development, which is now in the process of finalizing it’s shape.

Moonstone will have 5 opt-out delegates which can be deselected upon installation, or whenever the users choose to. All proceedings from the delegates will be used to buy back MOONFUND tokens with BTS, 100% of which will be used to set 1:1 buy orders for the MOONFUND tokens received upon donation. Upon donation supporters will receive 1.15 MOONFUND tokens, meaning, for every BTS equivalent put in, an additional 15% will be given back in the form of a buyback over the next 5-30 months, meaning that supports will have higher returns.

Once the campaign ends and the required budget has been reached (130,000 USD are aimed for this campaign), both the frontend and backend for the wallet will be released under the MIT license (free for anyone to inspect and re-use even for for-profit and.) However, if the campaign fails to reach specified budget for the Moonstone, the frontend will be released under the GPL3 license, while the backend will remain closed source but accessible through APIs to anyone.

Nonetheless, Moonstone team promises that the wallet will be released with the same number of delegates no matter the budget raised. And if you like what you’re reading about, why not help the team make the wallet come to life. Donate and fine more details on their website here: