Mozillians meeting in Tirana for a weekend

Mozilla Weekend, is an event that will be organised during 8-9 February 2014 for Âfirst time in Tirana, Albania.  The event will be organised together with the Community of Mozilla in Albania and the Open Labs hackerpsace, which is becoming the hub in Albania for events focused on open source.

There have been other Mozilla related events organised in Albania, but there has never been an entire weekend dedicated for Mozilla, which means that participants will have the chance to work together, socialize and share ideas. The event starts on the 8th of February at 10:00, with presentations from the Community of Mozilla in Albania, and afterwards participants will get the chance to get to know Mozilla products like Persona, Lighbeam, Thunderbird, Firefox OS, etc. The event will not be a listen-only event. Participants will also benefit from short trainings in the form of presentations and small competitions. There will also be a short workshop on developing applications for Firefox OS and HTML5, while in the end-end there will be also some rewards for participants.

Everyone is invited to join and get the chance to meet some very active Mozillians from Albania, Kosovo and the whole region. Register now!