How to name your startup?

One of the things that causes much of a headache for every entrepreneur is giving a name to their business idea, product or what else. There are different processes that one can use in this direction, including filling domain names and seeing alternatives, filling white boards and connecting random lines and brainstorming with the team to make a decision.

Naming is a creative process during which the team behind a product, idea or service creates a brand new company, idea or service. In this regards, it is rarely the case that teams ask for the help of copywriters to think up names for them. They have a lot of experience in creating new concepts, know the language limits and the latest trends. Eventually teams that work with a copywriter get an original eye-catching and unique  name which attracts attention to customers.

There were times when there was a gap on the market and people could buy a nice domain name quite easily. There used to be naming agencies as well to help in this direction. While nowadays there are different domain name generators that help in this direction like: or new services called, which is dedicated to everyone and provides ready-made names at various prices which might be all you need for inspiration to apply to your own company.

Who is for? For anybody who needs a new name for their company, product or startup. Through this simple online service, you will be able to buy a ready-made name with one click or to place a quick order tailored to your needs. The heart and head of the project are the founder and CEO Ivica Zuricov from Slovakia, while the naming is assisted by several other local European copywriters who are always brainstorming as a team when a name is being created.