New ad for the Prishtina Airport by Paper Communications

Advertising it’s an industry on its own and it’s steadily rising in the market of Kosovo and the region with quality oriented commercials, ads, brands, etc. Some well-known companies operate in this market with clients in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia. Serbia, etc, while some to mention are Paper Communications, Koperativa, Ogilvy | KarrotaZero Positive Publicis, New Moment, Kube Studios, McCann, etc.

Some creative work has been done recently by many of the above mentioned, like the campaign for the telecom operator IPKO in Kosovo by Koperativa, or for the virtual mobile operator Z-Mobile by Zero Positive Publicis, never the less we are trying to keep up with the work that is being done by companies in the region, and we wanted to share with you one of the latest commercials done by the Paper Communications Agency for the Limak Group, who has invested in the new terminal of the Airport of Prishtina, which will be opening by the end of this month.

Production of the video has been done by Kube Studios, while Audio production is the work of Homebase Sound. Check out the video below.