A new Balkan project from Coca-Cola aimed at bloggers

Coca-Cola Bloggers Network Adria is the latest project from Coca-Cola Hellenic and Coca-Cola Co., which aims to increase the market of advertising on blogs on the regional level of Balkans, including Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro, while excluding Kosovo and Albania.

From the five countries, the system of Coca-Cola will engage nine bloggers for testing purposes until end of 2013, after which if the results are satisfactory for the Coca-Cola system the campaign on the blogs will increase to three times a year in one of the countries in the region and it should be long-term.

The lack of content and blogs in the region is one difficulty while the difficulties in earning money from advertising is a bigger challenge. Blogs typically are earning through native advertising which enables them to earn some money through their own platform by earning new clients, while others are using Google Ads or other advertising networks. The Coca-Cola system aims to fill the needs in this part, and provide user engagement and promotion at the level of the content.

Organisations will have the chance to be sponsored for one year for a fixed amount per month of 200 EUR (Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia) and 300 EUR (Croatia), while it is required that they have a policy of writing without interference. Every three months there is an evaluation of the blogs in the network and if the clients is not satisfied the blog may be stopped for cope ration, by which means a new opportunity for a new blog opens up.

The fixed sum has been set based on average wages around the region, from which Croatia has significantly higher salaries. The interest behind the project is to give more financing opportunities to bloggers and returning value to the online community. The first bloggers in the first phase were selected through the service Sysomos to evaluate the online users, a free tool Topsy, Peekmedio and Klout, with special focus on leadership, collaboration, accountability, diversity, passion and quality. See relevant details and full list of accepted blogs here.

The moment the bloggers publish articles they will also be promoted further through the own online resources of Coca-Cola, which will affect the general traffic of the blogs in the network. There are still no updates about when Coca-Cola Bloggers Network Adria will expand to Kosovo or Albania, while there is news that there will be expansion during 2014 so we will keep you updated.