New game coming up from Trigonom

Local startup from Kosovo, Trigonom announced yesterday on Twitter that they will be launching a new game for iPad/iPhone which looks like it’s going to be a platformer with interesting challenges dedicated to the users.

The picture posted by Trigonom, a start-up founded by Mentor Pacarada, founder of other known companies like Frakton and Berthama and also ex-owner of Telegrafi, now the most red portal in the region of Balkans, in Albanian, doesn’t show very much but it gives hints that it will be a challenging game that will require the player to score points before going forward to the next levels. Basically it will be a reward-based game.

This field is not unknown to Mentor, since he previously led an excellent team two years ago, by launching the first ever game in Kosovo/Albania, called Haluci, which was a 2D game and was focused on orienting the player to jump from one scene to another, collect coins and avoid crows.

The game became quickly a hit on Facebook, but we never saw it on mobile platforms even though plans were announced. We’re looking forward to what Trigonom is bringing to the market, while the website shows some interning details in other projects like Sorra or Giraffe.

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