New incubator launching soon in Gjakova, Kosovo

Incubation programs in Kosovo two or three years ago were a typical space rent and nobody knew how to actually run them, while with the launch of Innovation Centre Kosovo in 2012, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway has changed the scene and has created many new interesting opportunities.

While ICK is doing well and supporting startups and entrepreneurs with the incubation program and having more than 20 startups in the incubator and organizing and supporting different events, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo is about to open up a new Innovation Centre in Gjakova, Kosovo to support startups and entrepreneurs, with the support of Innovation Centre Kosovo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and other local and international expertise.

Based on the information published so far there will be an incubation space for tenants in Gjakova and also a space dedicated for small events, while there will be a tight cooperation between the ICK in Pristina, in order to ensure a strong network of entrepreneurship support in Kosovo.

Not long ago the Ministry of Trade and Industry did a great job on putting Kosovo on the list of top 5 countries doing most reforms in economic areas measured by the Doing Business report 2012/2013.