New update released from Goodwerp

One of the top three internet companies of Kosovo, valued at 100,000 $ by World Startup Report, Goodwerp has release a new update for their project management platform, named Sequoia which promises design improvements, modals, custom elements, financial section, project timeline, etc.

Goodwerp announced today as well that it chopped down the free version, focusing explicitly in paid customers, who also provide the basis of financial for the company, which at the current stage is looking for investors and a couple of weeks ago has been accepted into the acceleration program from EYE, and it was also selected as the winner of the first stage.

On top of the design improvements, Goodwerp has revealed modals and custom elements, extending the features and expansions towards customers who want to customize the product for their own needs, while Google Cloud, Dropbox and Box have been added to the list of supported cloud storage. The financial section gives some more features in invoicing and financial reports, which gives rich features to those who need integration between financials and projects.

Project Timeline, is another feature that offers historical view about everything that has happened around a project, while the whole product itself has been optimzed more for speed and SEO. Goodwerp is accounted to have more than a thousand paying customers, while it is constantly growing on subscription and international attention. Check it out here