New Viber update includes Kosovo’s country code

Back in 2016, Kosovo finally accepted its official country code +383, which would put an end to the usage of either +377 from Monaco, +386 from Slovenia, or +381 from Serbia.

Kosovo got the country code of its own as a result of an agreement with Serbia, which was brokered by the European Union. However, even after more than 2 years have passed from the agreement, people are still using various country codes in their daily routines, a cost for the country which has exceeded over 200 million euros.

Today, Viber, an instant messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) application operated by Japanese multinational company Rakuten, released an update which included Kosovo’s country code to the list of available codes.

Existing users or new users can check out the settings section of the app and then hit the options change the number, and select Kosovo from the code list, which is temporarily enlisted with two country codes (+377 and +383) until everyone moves to the new code.

This update has been greatly appreciated by the users of Viber in Kosovo, an app that is reaching close to one billion users globally, while in the economy of Kosovo it has managed to become quite the competition for local telecom service providers such as IPKO and Vala.