Next Barcamp Prishtina on Open Governments

Update: The next edition of BarCamp Prishtina, sponsored by IPKO Foundation will be organized during the 30th of September 2013 at the Innovation Centre Kosovo in Prishtina, focusing on discussions around the partnership for an open government, which is a new initiative that focuses on ensuring concrete engagements from the government to raise transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and use technology to support the rule of law.

In July, the Government of Kosovo has announced that it will apply to be part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), for which more details will be revealed by Fidan Kalaja from Levizja FOL, who will talk about the new platform, supported by the Ministry of Integration of Kosovo and Driero Arifi from the Government of Kosovo who will talk about the importance of transparency form public institutions and what has been done in this direction by the government.

Arbana Xharra, Editor in Chief at the daily newspaper Zeri will talk about the role of media and her activism, while in the end Valon Canahsi from STIKK will highlight some details about the latest report on internet penetration in Kosovo.

Media supporters of BarCamp Prishtina are and, while the event will be available to be followed through social channels on Facebook and on Twitter through the hashtag #BCPRN.