3CIS under fire by the Tax Administration of Kosovo

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  1. HKDZ says:

    It is a shame that the law is interpreted as officials feel fit and not by global standards and precedent. It is also a reason why my firm did not invest after we were told that a bribe is required to start the process. That to me is unacceptable and Kosovo needs to deal with corruption immediately so that investors can know that the law is fair, just and stable today, tomorrow, and going prospectively into the future.

  2. Dardan says:

    This is your “climate that supports business growth” advertised by Thaçi’s government. Now, since they are low on cash, and they have to fulfill their salary increase promises (their electoral campaign), they are punishing hard working companies.

    3CIS, I recommend you leave Kosova ASAP, and go to a place that really encourages growth. Thanks to Thaçi, all the qualified workforce will continue to work in coffee shops and keep Kosova on the top of the poorest countries list.