An online platform for producers and designers from Kosovo is one of the latest projects of Athene Project Management a Norwegian company respectively of Athene Kosovo its branch in Kosovo. This online store that is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway enables Kosovar producers and designers to sell online their products to global customers.

Talent and unique products from Kosovar producers, especially clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc. have pushed further the ongoing support of the Government of Norway to promote the export of these products through the latest technology tools, namely through the project. includes manufacturers such as Flutura Dedinja, Krenare Rakovica, Remzije Januzaj, FolkanShqip, etc., where the main goal is to offer these products online to customers around the world, but also to customers in the Balkans. is created to help Kosovo producers to further develop their business by expanding their market outside Kosovo€ said Astrid Green Managing Director at Athene Project Management. According to Green the aim of this project is to break barriers and enable these startups to sell for the first time their products in international markets. By today we have more than 30 Albanian, Serbian, Gorani and Roma producers , both men and women who have agreed to present their unique handmade products to the world through this platform, added Green.

His Excellency Jan Braathu Norwegian Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in the Republic of Kosovo said that it’s a great thing that women now will have their own platform in which they can bring their products to a wider market, in the end the market is king, the market decides, but unless you have a platform for selling your products the market will never know about them. According to ambassador Braathu is a very innovative idea that is radically new for Kosovo.

“In the rest of Europe internet marketing is becoming more and more important, in fact even in my home country people are buying more and more products over the internet, everything from clothes, to jewelry, even larger products, and sometimes even cars, so this is the future and there is no reason why Kosovo shouldn’t, already at this point in time try to get into that future”, said Braathu while adding that this can be platform for the European wide market also global market, so the possibilities are tremendous. Braathu said that the Kosovo diaspora is a big resource for


The Albanian diaspora, a big resource for Balkanspring

“Kosovo diaspora offers an entry point to markets all over Europe but especially in Switzerland, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries, said ambassador Braathu while adding that the Norwegian government for many years is focusing in enterprise development in Kosovo. Fashion designer Krenare Rugova owner and founder of the Krenare Rugova brand said that she is honored to be part of the Balkanspring project.

Balkanspring it is new, it is big, and it is a great privilege and a great success for me as a designer, other producers, and designers to have the opportunity to present their work, products not just for Kosovo but also for the big market of diaspora and the European market that is the most important, said Rugova emphasizing that Kosovo designers and producers need more representation in the European markets.

Vesna Ordic from the Association of Women SABOR said that represents a unique initiative that will help to enlarge the market to Europe and to increase the production by the companies that are part of this online shop. will contribute to women from rural areas because they don’t have access to market where they could offer their products, said Ordic

Given the recent investments in e-commerce in Kosovo by the banking sector and the development of several new businesses that enable sales within Kosovo through technological means, has emerged as an offer to include these opportunities but also goes beyond by bringing a virtual channel of exporting products to customers throughout Europe, these products are usually sold in the classical form or during visits of diaspora or tourists to Kosovo.

Among others will give a new boost to the market in the creation of real businesses in Kosovo and the creation of new jobs, particularly for women producers, whose handicrafts are traditionally known.

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