OSCAL 2019, the 6th edition is comming

Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL), the first annual international conference of its kind in Albania, will take place for the sixth consecutive year to promote software freedom, open source software, online privacy, free culture open knowledge locally and in the region. OSCAL 2019 will take place between 18-19 May 2019 in Tirana.

This year’s OSCAL is expected to gather over 300 enthusiasts of open source technologies, developers, agencies and professionals of free/libre, open source culture troublemakers, cryptoanarchists and dreamers of a decentralised world.

The participants will gather with a common belief in a world where information is open, free and decentralized. The conference not only provides everyone with the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the audience but also inspires many others to act upon.

A wide variety of intriguing presentations and workshops will be held on both days of the conference. More specifically, each day from to , participants will have the chance to become acquainted with different topics, as well as explore contribution and work opportunities.

In addition, community info booths will be present on both days. Mozilla, Fedora, LibreOffice, OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, phpList, Nextcloud, openSUSE are only a few of the projects that OSCAL participants can get to know better. OSCAL 2018 concluded with 64 presentations, speakers from many different countries of the world and more than 300 attendants inspired to advance the free/libre open source movement even further.

The best part were all the positive comments, that motivate the organizers to come up with something even more expanded. Everyone who wishes to become part of OSCAL 2019 may reserve their ticket, free of charge, by visiting Any financial contribution towards the development of the conference is certainly more than welcome.