Outsourcing in Kosovo

A strong average of English and German skills, similar work culture to people of Western Europe and the US, huge, untapped and well-educated workforce and experienced training service providers

A strong average of English and German skills, similar work culture to people of Western Europe and the US, huge, untapped, and well-educated workforce, and experienced training service providers, which deliver certified professionals to the market, make Kosovo a runner-up in the list of the top places for outsourcing in Eastern Europe.

Outsourcing in Kosovo is moving towards an interesting development as numerous software development companies are emerging with incredible potential for exporting their services.

In addition to that, there are some large, highly profitable companies such as 3CIS, which seems to be already utilizing Kosovo’s youth at a high rate. The other highly recognized outsourcing subset is the BPO. This sector, according to a publishing by LSE’s outsourcing unit, is estimated to steadily rise and overtake the IT in the upcoming years.

The BPO sector in CEE countries has already surpassed the ITO sector employment wise. BPO is classified into front office outsourcing and back office outsourcing. Front office outsourcing incorporates mainly operations such as customer-related services and telemarketing; while, back-office outsourcing is commonly translated into human resource and financial accounting operations.

Some notable companies working in the outsourcing industry are 3CIS – Telecom Services, IQ to Link – Back Office, Frakton – Web & App Development, StarLabs – BPO, and many more. You can read more about such companies on the website of the ICT Association – STIKK.

They deliver products and services to the international markets and employ a high number of skilled people, who have the knowledge and experience to compete with countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Romania, or Bulgaria who are more known in the outsourcing industry.

Going beyond borders

While Kosovo has been evaluated as one of the best places for doing business by the World Bank, due to the lack of the branding of its outsourcing sector potential, Kosovo has remained off the map as an attractive outsourcing destination.

Key Advantages, potentials!

Some of the key advantages of Kosovo as a potential outsourcing destination have been identified to be:

  • The ease of doing business,
  • Having the same time zone as European countries (specifically with the DACH region),
  • Kosovars’ ability to speak languages fluently and without a foreign-sounding accent,
  • the well-developed infrastructure,
  • and cheap facilities.

Kosovo has some interesting advantages, but not a significant comparative advantage yet in the outsourcing sector in relation to the Balkan countries.

It could earn a place on the map of course if the upcoming new government acts fast enough and adopts policies that support the development of the sector. This could be very interesting compared to the countries which have older-led governments.

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