Paypal to expand to Kosovo and Macedonia in 2014

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  1. Does this mean that a business that operates in Kosova can allow clients to make payments via PayPal?

    1. yess! After the approval, you can open your own paypal from kosova and make any payment through it!

  2. Diar Selimi says:

    Im asking the Arians question too .

  3. Fatos says:

    By all means it does Arian. BTW, the issue wasn’t making payments with paypal but rather receiving payments. I hope they don’t delay this by mid or end of 2014 and make this happen as early as possible. This is a big thing for us all, both for selling and buying online.

  4. I have difficulty believing in this, to be honest. You do not cite any sources, and I cannot find any other news elsewhere on the Internet regarding this topic. And as we in Macedonia have seen before, there were thousands of rumors like this still circling over couple of years, yet PayPal is still unavailable.

    1. Cvetan, I can confirm this, I am talking with Business Development Paypal official for South east Europe and he confirm this.

  5. This will be on second half of 2014 and you will be able to send and receive money, also accept payment via Paypal.

  6. Mr Kosovo says:

    i think you can still use it now when you register if you choice albania not sure how that work but i hear some people on my city got that im glad finaly we gonna have our place on paypal THANKS GOD FINALY:) thanks for this amazing news

  7. labinoti says:

    You can use PayPal in Kosovo using this method:
    1. You open a bank account at BKT bank in Kosovo (which is a branch of BKT Albania and they support PayPal) and
    2. when you make/receive payments you select country Albania. That’s it.

    1. adsfag says:

      Well I’ve searched about this method ages ago and here’s the deal:
      The payment may go to an Albanian bank and that’s where you can withdraw the cash but it isn’t worthed.

  8. Abi says:

    Labinot, I have contacted today BKT bank in Kosova, but they said that Paypal has blocked this possibility, so it seems twe have to wait until PayPal is coming to Kosova

  9. Reegon says:

    I cannot believe this. They have been lying to us since 2010. I’m earning online since 2008 and I desperately need an PayPal here in Macedonia. Hope this will be true.

    1. Labinoti says:

      How do you earn money online ? PPC, CPA or as an affiliate ?

  10. Liridon says:

    kaja nanen volla me pas paypal shqiptart ja q*** nanen pares ….
    marum e hajt
    nashta po qelet
    29 janar jom kan raifaisen nkrejt bankat smujta me bo senn…

    1. Naim says:

      Juve nuk duhet t’ju lejohet 100 m tju afroheni institucioneve. Sepse je idiot.

  11. Bo$$i says:

    Nuk qelet ne Kosov paypali forget about it krejt senet e limitume jon n’ket Sh** vend .

  12. selim says:

    samo makedonija nemat paypal

  13. Shkon ne Raiffeisen Bank, merr prepaid card per 5 euro, regjistrohesh ne Paypal me Albania dhe funksionon, para 1 jave me ka funksionuar.

  14. erreterr says:

    Disa po thojnë se Paypali funksionon me kartela prepaid të Raiffaisenit , gjë që mund ta demantojë sepse nuk mund ta bësh konfirmimin në Paypal me të, por vetëm mundesh me dërgue para, ndërsa disa po thojnë se në BKT mund të funksionojë gjë që nuk besoj se funksionon as kjo sepse Paypali nuk është kah lejon konfirmimin e kartelave me llogari të Paypalit. Unë e kam marr edhe Starcard të TEB por nuk konfirmohet vetëm mund të dërgosh para gjë të cilën edhe jam duke e bërë për momentin, por nganjëherë ndoshta edhe na duhet të pranojmë para!!!

  15. Naim says:

    Pershendetje a mund ndokush te di se kur do te mund te punoj me paypal

  16. Vali says:

    Une ka ma shume se 1 vit qe e pata konfirmu paypalin me kartelen prepaid të Raiffaisenit, por kete muaj, pra ne maj nuk po mundem me i terhjek paret qe me kan mbet ne paypal, keshtu qe besoj se e kan blloku edhe kte mundesi! Deri tani ka funksionu shume mire per, normal me bo pagesa nuk pom kom problem tash per tash, por po pres deri ne fillim te muajit te ardhshem ndoshta funksionon terheqja automatike e pareve qe e bon paypali cdo fillim muaji! Une fitoj pare ne internet keshtu qe paypal me duhet shume, e shpresoj shume qe kete vit te pranohet Kosova edhe ne paypal!

  17. moamet says:

    dali se koristi i vo Makedonija paypal moze nekoj da mi kaze i vo koi banki???

  18. tanny says:

    Kartelen mundesh me ba verify, por paypali nuk lejon qe paret mu transferu ne llogari, vetem nese nje pages qe e bon deshton ose kerkon refund kthim te mjeteve atehere kthehen, kta e di sigurt, ndersa per pagesa edhe per dergim te pareve funksionon super… po foli per kartele te TEB edhe prepaid kartel te raiffaisenit 🙂

  19. Ximi says:

    Nese mundesh me verifiku, atehere edhe paret te dalin ne llogari, edhe pse ndoshta ti smundesh me i terhjek kur deshiron, por te dalin cdo fillim muaji, sepse paypali automoatikisht ti dergon ne llogarine tande ne bank! Keshtu me funksionon mu te pakten.

  20. muli352 says:

    Is now something possible?? a mund te pranoi tash para nga paypal?

  21. Qka u ba me qeta bre shkoj 2014 gati kerkah hiq paypali