Picasio, a tool for publishers and marketers

Picasio Inc, based in Baltimore, US and with the development & marketing team handled by Manaferra, a Digital Marketing Agency in Kosovo, has launched an interactive tool for publishers and marketers to create quizzes and integrate them easily with content.

Picasio Inc, based in Baltimore, MD (USA) and with the development & marketing team handled by Manaferra, a Digital Marketing Agency in Kosovo, has launched an interactive tool for publishers and marketers to create quizzes and integrate them easily with content.

Last year, 8 out of 10 most shared articles on Facebook were quizzes. According to Harvard University’s Niemen Journalism Lab, quizzes are the new list articles. Buzzfeed, Vox Media & other large publishers has been using internal tools that allow them to create quizzes/polls and other interactive content formats for some time.

The same can’t be said for all online publishers. With Picasio you can create three interactive content formats (Personality Quiz, Trivia Quiz & Sliders) and brands like RedBull and others have been using Picasio for a while and their performance has been quite successful.

We sat down with Granit Doshlaku, one of the co-founders of Picasio, to talk more about the tool that they have developed and why it will help publishers create and embed interactive content more easily on their articles.


Why did you launch Picasio? What’s the problem you’re tackling?

As a digital marketing agency, we have been working with publishers directly for more than 7 years. We have closely seen them experiencing challenges with generating engaging content and drive traffic from social platforms they don’t fully control such as Facebook.

With Picasio, we provide them tools that simplify the process of creating highly engaging content that people love and engage such as quizzes, polls, and slides, which otherwise would take their in-house team money, time and efforts to reproduce.


Who are your competitors and why do you think Picasio is better?

Our main competitors are Apester & Boombox. What makes us better & different from our competitors, apart from having content type tools that our competitors don’t, is having a team who has years of experience in growing online publishers which allows us to use this knowledge not only to help our users create highly engaging content but also make this process more efficient by optimizing the data and content so they can get the best out of the platform.


What has been achieved so far? 

We started working in Picasio about a year ago. We have been working closely with selected partners in the past 6 months. Publishers like RedBull, GazetaExpress, etc. are using Picasio to create interactive content in a weekly basis. So far, there have been more than 200 interactive content pieces created using Picasio and the average conversion rate for such a content is 69%.


Did you raise any money on the product?

We haven’t received outside founding so far. Picasio continues to be a bootstrapped startup but our intentions are to start looking for outside investment so we can grow & scale faster in the global market.


How can publishers use Picasio and why should they?

Publishers can use Picasio to drive social traffic, increase time spent on site & generate leads by creating interactive content that engages their readers.

Publishers should use Picasio because readers are increasingly engaging with interactive content. Ex. last year, the most shared articles on the internet were quizzes. BuzzFeed has been growing mainly because of interactive content created by its internal tools.

However, not every publisher has the resources to create these tools (as New York Times’s report also indicated) and here we come. We build tools that help them create engaging content faster, easier and cheaper than never before.


What are the next steps?

Our main objective right now is to grow our user base because we know the potential is huge. In the meantime, we are working on bringing Organizations as a feature to our platform so different teams can come together and collaborate on creating interactive content. We are also testing different content types to see how they perform and we believe they will be available soon.

Moreover, we have found the time is very crucial in content creating process, that’s why we are working on tools like Discover and Trending that helps publishers find content that is created by others that are free to use for their site.

Free to try

Picasio is available to try for free for 30 days and afterward, pricing starts from$25 for bloggers, $45 for publishers and $95 for agencies.