Pioneers Festival reveals full agenda

Pioneers Festival, coming up 30-31 October this year, gathers in Vienna the tech scene Startups, Founders, Hackers, Bloggers, VCs and Innovators, in fact the Troublemakers from all over the world to inspire and be inspired.

The end of search as we know it

Two tech giants, two big names, two competitors Apple and Google have both invested heavily in the development of virtual assistants. Adam Cheyer, Founder of Siri and Vishal Sharma, VP at Google in charge of Google Now will join together to speak about Virtual Assistants and the implications of this powerful technology for entrepreneurs and society.

Chinese Startups will leverage their hardware infrastructure in a way not even Apple can dream of

The Pioneers blog team has covered the rise of the Hardware powerhouse in China called Shenzhen. “TO SUCCEED YOU HAVE TO SLEEP IN A FACTORY IN CHINA” says Cyril Ebersweiler, founder of Haxlr8r, adding that the founders of the numerous hardware startups he funded went through a similar experience.

Meet & Greet Phil Libin

CEO of Evernote Phil Libin will take the stage at Pioneers Festival. Phil is a popular guest speaker at various other tech events but this year in Vienna the rules will change.

Robolution – Rise of the robotics startups

Fast, cheap and out of control was how Rodney Brooks described the(possible future of robotics and space exploration in 1989. Not only is that happening with the emergence of DIY Drones and CubeSats, but Brooks slogan could describe the growth of the hardware startup movement and the new industrial revolution.

Rodney Brooks, founder of iRobot and Rethink Robotics who have recently launched famous Baxter, a humanoid robot arm(s), Steve Cousins, CEO of Willow Garage, Noland Katter from Anybots and Trevor Blackwell, co-founder of famous accelerator Ycombinator, will join the discussion.

Internet of Things – Creating Magical User Experiences

Presented by Luc Jullia, VP Samsung, Open Innovation Center.

Revolutionary Science Meets outstanding technology

MYO is an incredibly powerful Gesture Control Consumer technology, which will be presented by Stephen Lake, co-founder and CEO of Thalmic Labs (MYO), Matthew Baliey, co-founder Thaimic Labs and Aaron Grant, co-founder of Thalmic Labs.

Beefing up operations in space

Peter Worden, Director of NASA Ames Research Center and Peter Platzer, Founder of Nanosatisfi will talk about Private vs. Governmental space programs.

Here’s to the explorers – The Pioneers

Deep oceans, high altitudes, soaring peaks, poles, vast deserts, and the infinity of outer space: In these extreme environments, human beings are exposed to intense pressure and zero gravity, extreme heat and cold, radiation, isolation, and lack of water, food and breathable air. Around these talks participants will see Bas Landsdrop, Mars One, Ariel Fuchs, SeaOrbiter and Guillermo Soehnlein Founder and Chairman of Sea-Space Initiative.

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